Since 1983 and restore masters of building of organs Karl Goeckel and its team with highest precision build classical and symphonische organs. Technical skill relating to crafts, application of Cad and Cnc technique and use of high-quality materials form an ideal symbiosis for the successful planning and implementation of an Goeckel organ. Own building of tongue whistles, consultation, service and numerous new developments coin/shape building of organs Goeckel.

Each Goeckel organ carries the handwriting of the master of building of organs Karl Goeckel. One of the largest challenges is for it the building of symphonischer instruments. Here it looks the argument up with the klangbild – compromiseless up to the completion of the unmistakable sound. Goeckel organs fulfill all request of the liturgical functions in the service as well as the whole bandwidth of church and concert music of most diverse composers and style pounding.

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