The internal conception of the sound of an organ

The Intonation belongs to the most important areas in the building of organs. With the Intonieren all preceding work relating to crafts and the interaction of the technical components are set to the test stand. With Goeckel organs the Intonation of the masters of building of organs makes Karl Goeckel. When entering the space for the one organ to be built, must Karl Goeckel is to develop a certain conception of the klangbildes. Its function is it to transfer the internal klangbild outward and provide for conscientious processing of the whistles. This requirement goes the far beyond normal handicraft; it is a proper art to intonieren an organ in the best possible way.

Pierre Cogen

organist (during an CD accommodation in the Heilig-Geist-Church Mannheim):

pierre_cogen“The carefully intonierte organ of the Mannheimer Heilig-Geist-Church with their strength and glossful sound ranks among the most successful instruments of the German building of organs of the last years. It is suitable to a considerable degree for the representation of French organ music of this century”.